Where it all Began

Myself and Louise began our journey back in 2013 when we decided to set up our own business together.  We worked seriously long hours, barely took any breaks and relied on sugary snacks to keep us going. It wasn’t long before we put on a few extra pounds and started to feel terrible!

Our New Years resolution in January 2014 was to get a grip on our health so we joined a gym, got ourselves a good personal trainer and things started to turn around. There was a serious overhaul of our diets and to my shock and horror, my precious ice-cream was ruled out! Our new clean regime meant that we had to cook from scratch far more than we had time for but it made me dust off the cook books and I started to use my time in the kitchen as a little bit of creative therapy. I replaced my favourite meals with lighter, healthier versions, my favourite snacks with raw cacao protein balls and banana oaty cookies and started to look at alternatives to my favourite creamy, custardy ice-cream. That’s when the fresh fruit sorbet experimentation began.

I began with the regular flavours like lemon and strawberry and substituted the copious amounts of sugar with organic agave syrup because it’s got a lower glycemic level and is naturally about 90% fructose … which means you don’t have to add as much (my trainer was happy with that). Then I started thinking about alternative flavour combinations … we were out one evening in our favourite Lebanese style restaurant in Cork where we were digging into a wonderful rosewater meringue with fresh raspberries. The combination of those flavours stayed in my mind as something that worked really well, so I made a note to try them in a sorbet over the weekend … that’s when our Raspberry & Rosewater was born!

Soon after I had a juice that combined grape, tea and mint which was deliciously refreshing and again I made a note to try those in a sorbet. This one took slightly longer to get right because the tea needed an extra oomph with some spices like star anise, cardamom and some citrus flavours to balance it against the sweet grapes. Once we got it right it was a definite winner and I’ve gladly replaced my ice-cream addiction with a new, lighter alternative!

This was the beginning of our voyage into food production. Little did we understand what was about to happen when we met a local ice-cream producer here in Cork … at the time we were happy to tuck into our sorbets during a good weekend movie at home or share it with our friends and family as a dessert alternative. You can find out what happened when we met Jim & Caroline in our next post.

– Aisling.

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