Making it Happen

During the course of our day job, myself and Louise met the most wonderful local ice-cream manufacturer. Jim had set the company up because he was trying to source an authentic Italian style gelato that was made in Ireland from our wonderful Irish dairy cows’ cream for his cafe. At the time, there was nobody locally who was doing the kind of quality product he needed so he went to Italy to learn how to make ice-cream himself. He came back and started manufacturing with the help of his production assistant, Caroline, who is basically like the Steve Jobs of ice-cream food science! We were working on helping them out with their brand at the time and mentioned to Caroline that we had been making these fantastic, fresh fruit sorbets at home. She was really enthusiastic about the flavours and we promised to bring along some samples for her the next time we met.

So, the next time we brought our products along and gave Caroline a taste. She was genuinely excited by the wonderful flavours! Our biggest problem was that our little at home ice-cream machines were making our sorbets really icy … it’s a big problem with sorbets because of the lack of fat and high water content in fresh fruit. Sorbets have to rely on sugar to help break down the ice-crystals but we were using agave which is a syrup so has a higher water content! We were trying our best to find a solution without resorting to adding in anything that we felt was overly processed or went against our sustainability beliefs. Caroline was sure she could source some plant based stabilisers and emulsifiers from suppliers we could trust to be gluten free and that didn’t contain any animal fats or palm oils. She stayed true to her word and found us a trustworthy Italian manufacturer who create honest food additives in their lab to help with consistency and texture. So, yes … our products contain the unpopular food additives that we’ve all been warned to watch out for but we have sourced a manufacturer that makes gluten free, vegan friendly and contains no palm oil either. We were happy with that, especially when we tasted our product after these ingredients were added in … it made them so creamy, just like a fresh fruit ice-cream without the fat!

We went through months of sampling and adding in different quantities of ingredients until we got the flavour and texture just right. We soon discovered that the easiest way to make a truly delicious product is to use the very, very best ingredients. If you want something truly wonderful, you have to make it that way … and that means it starts in the mixing bowl!

– Aisling.

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